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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Trachsel looks to get Mets back on Trach

The Mets have lost five of seven, and there seems to be havoc in Mets nation. Many fans I've talked to you, including my own teachers, are getting a bit worried that the Mets' early season success was a fluke and came only against weak teams. The Giants are not the best team in the NL, however they are a solid team, and with a Giant victory and a Mets loss the two teams could have equal records. However, Steve Trachsel will look to end the skid and shut down the Giants, just like his first start last season:
1) Last year in Steve Trachsel's first start of the season he pitched eight shutout innings, allowed merely two hits, struck out six, and walked two.
2) During his career Trachsel's favorite team to pitch to is the Giants. Against the Giants in his career Trachsel owns the best era (minnimum five starts) at 2.57, and a 9-4 record in 126 innings pitched.
3) Jose Vizcaino has had the best Giant success against Trachsel. In 27 at bats the second baseman/utillity infielder owns a .370 batting average, but only two extra base hits.
4) Barry Bonds also has good success against Trachsel. Bonds holds a .290 batting average with two home runs and three doubles against Trachsel in 41 career at bats.
5) Moises Alou owns modest success against Trachsel, in 40 at bats. Alou owns a .275 average with five doubles, however he has never hit a home run.
6) In eight career starts against the Mets Jamey Wright holds a, umm, bad track (or should I say Trach?) record against the Mets. He has a 5.81 era, but he has only lost twice.
7) Wright has a career era of 5.09, therefore the struggling Mets lineup should have success tonight.
8) The only Met who has had success against Wright, and has played more than a game or two against him is Paul LoDuca. LoDuca has had more than success against Wright, so far in his career he has owned him. In nine at bats LoDuca owns four hits, good for a .444 average.
9) The only other Met with more than a game or two against Wright, and will be playing tonight (Beltran also has 10 at bats) is Cliff Floyd. However, Floyd's struggles may not come to an end tonight. Ironically Floyd's season average is worse than the average he has against Wright, which is .214. with 2 home runs.
10) Armando Benitez, the Giants closer, has only pitched in two games this season, and he has yet to allow a run. Is anyone else hoping it's 2-0 going into the ninth and the Mets score like 15 runs or something crazy off of Benitez. Alas that is only a pipe dream.

Score Prediction (line is even):
Giants 4 Mets 7 (lineup starts to hit against the weak pitcher in Wright)
WP- Darren Oliver
LP- Jamey Wright
H- Jorge Julio
SV- Billy Wagner

Game Play Prediction:
1) Billy Wagner will pitch tonight no matter the score.
2) Jose Reyes has a breakout game
3) Floyd hits a home run
4) The starters will combine for 11 innings
5) Barry Bonds has a multi-hit game, as the Mets realize it's better to pitch to him


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