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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bench players, middle relievers, and prospect predictions

Yesterday I made my predictions for the NL East standings, along with the starting pitchers and position players. I promised yeserday that today I'd make my predictions for the bench players, middle relievers, and certain prospects. So here goes:
Predicted Bench players and numbers:
Victor Diaz- .260 avg, 15 hr, 43 RBI, 10 SB
Chris Woodward- .275 avg, 6 hr, 20 RBI, 2 SB
Ramon Castro- .260 avg, 7 hr, 30 RBI, 0 SB
Julio Franco- .270 avg, 7 hr, 18 RBI, 7 SB
Jose Valentin- .230 avg, 10 hr, 38 RBI, 5 SB
Endy Chavez- .280 avg, 3 hr, 14 RBI, 15 SB

Predicted Bullpen pitchers and numbers:
Billy Wagner- 1.98 era, 80 SO, 40 SV, 4 BLSV
Aaron Heilman- 2.80 era, 83 SO, 1 SV, 2 BLSV
Duaner Sanchez- 3.30 era, 60 SO, 3 SV, 1 BLSV
Jorge Julio- 3.80 era, 60 SO, 0 SV, 2 BLSV
Pedro Feliciano- 4.20 era, 0 SV, 0 BLSV
Chad Bradford- 3.70 era, 0 SV, 1 BLSV

Lastings Milledge- Starts the year at AAA and hits .290 with improved defense and baserunning for the first half of the year. Once again appears in the future's game, however the day after the future's game he is promoted to the majors for a two week stint because one of Diaz or Nady is injured. He hits .270 including 2 impressive home runs. Milledge later gets called up after the Tides lose in the AAA championship and starts at least one playoff game and/or crucial game to get the Mets into the playoffs.
Mike Pelfrey- Zooms through A and AA in two months putting up a combined era of 1.50. When in AAA Pelfrey starts strong pitched 3 straight games of one run or less followed by a handful of starts where his command is off. He will end the year with a combined 2.80 era in the minors and there will be rumblings of him getting promoted for the playoff run, but will not be called up. Willie says that Pelfrey should be on the Mets 2007 Opening Day roster.
Carlos Gomez- Starts the year at Port St. Lucie. After spending half a year at high A ball Gomez is promoted to AA where he hits .275 but struggles defensivley and on the basepaths. However, Gomez shows the scouts and the Mets that he is a legitimate prospect and Gomez will eventually be traded in the offseason if not during the season.
Fernando Martinez- Plays at Brooklyn and Hagerstown for the entire season showing flashes of brilliance, but also shows that he needs 2-3 more years of seasoning before being called a top prospect.
Phillip Humber- After starting the year at St. Lucie Humber pitches back to top prospect form until mid-June when he earns a promotion to Binghamton. At Binghamton Humber pitches incredibly well putting up an era in the low 2's high 1's. Humber's name will be mentioned in trade rumors once he is fully healthy, but he will remain with the Mets.


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