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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Padilla needs surgery, Ring to get chance?

Admittedly I haven't been on top of much of the news lately, as my time has been occupied with game recaps, but I hope to make up for the missed story lines now.

As most Mets fans know by now Juan Padilla will need Thommy John Surgery, which will sideline him for the rest of the season with the possibillity of him missing some, if not all, of next year's Spring Training. This is the second straight year that a player valuable to the Mets--either on the major league team, or simply in development-- has been hindered by Thommy John Surgery, the former being 2004 first rounder, Phillip Humber. Padilla was Manager Willie Randolph and GM Omar Minaya's main excuse for how pitchers will get lefites out. However, now that Padilla is done Minaya may realize what every fan has been crying for all season, a lefty specialist. But, what about Royce Ring or Matt Perisho. Well, Perisho has never been good against lefties. During his 8 year career Perisho has held lefties to a .312 batting average which is dreadful, especially for a lefty reliever. Therefore, I don't consider him a lefty specialist, or a reliable pitcher for that matter (career 6.93 era). Than there is Royce Ring. Ring struggled mightily with his control when he was in the majors averaging almost 1 walk per inning. His Era was also high, however in 6 Spring Training innings Ring has not walked a single batter, and pitched to a 3.00 era. Ring is also in-experienced, and may buckle under the spotlight if he was given the opportunity to be the main lefty out of the bullpen, outside of Billy Wagner. Right now I feel a trade similar to Kaz Ishii occuring, and hopefully this time it doesn't end with the pitcher going toanother country to play.


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