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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mets get blown out in two Spring training games

The Mets were killed by the Dodgers today 16-2, and they had an eye-popping 11 run 6th inning. John Maine started the game and threw 2 perfect innings, although the othe However, in the fourth inning Alay Soler made an uninspiring appearence. In 1 2/3 innings Soler allowed four runs, 3 of which came from a home run. Jason Scobie, on the other hand, wasn't much better. The 15 game AAA winner came into the 6th inning and gave up 8 runs without recording an out. Juan Perez followed up Scobie's performance with three more runs in the inning. As for the hitters the Mets only managed 5 hits, and 2 runs. Victor Diaz had a single and 19 year old outfield prospect, Carlos Gomez, also had one hit. Either way this game was one to forget.

The Mets played two games today, and the offense and the pitching wasn't there for the second game either. The Mets lost to the Puerto Rican team 6-1. Carlos Beltran gave the Puerto Rican team the lead for good in the 5th inning when he hit a 2 rbi single off of Billy Wagner. On the Mets Cliff Floyd went 1-2 to go along with his many foul rockets. Kazuo Matsui countered Anderson Hernandez's 0-3 with an 0-3 of his own. David Wright had the lone Mets run with an rbi single to right field in the fourth inning. Lastings Milledge was 1-4 with a double and a run scored. Mike Pelfrey pitched two scoreless innings with one strikeout. Matt Perisho pitched a perfect 7th and 8th inning as well.

1) Although Milledge was only 1-4 he gave me and many other Mets fans a solid look at their future corner outfielder. For those who missed the game, Milledge has a stance that is a mixture of Gary Sheffield, Rickie Weeks, and Barry Bonds. He shakes the bat back and forth like Sheffield, but it isn't as fast or as intense as Sheffield's. Also, the balls that Milledge hits are screamers, it seems like everything he hits is a line drive somewhere. Milledge also had a home run but Jose Cruz Jr. made a nice catch in front of the wall in left field. I am not sure how far back the left field fence is, but it probably is close to a normal stadium. For those of you who are curious about the field check out this link.
2) Mike Pelfrey has a very smooth and effortless delivery and he was impressve in his debut. He seems to have control that is good enough, although he did walk Beltran on 4 pitches. However, I have a hunch that Pelfrey was worried that he might hurt him if he hit him, especially since he hit Victor Diaz in his first intra-squad games, and since all 4 pitches were away.
3) Fernando Martinez had one at bat and he clearly is not ready to face major league pitching. He was blown away by three Fernando Cabrera fastballs. He has an open stance, similar to Tony Batista but not as exaggerated.

Up next for the Mets is the Cleveland Indians, the game will air at 1:00 est on ESPN and MLB.TV, and Tom Glavine is slated to start the game.


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