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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pedro recovering, Bannister "nasty"

The Met's beat writers at Mets.com. wrote two interesting articles today. The first was about Pedro, and how his foot was recovering. Marty Noble quotes Pedro as saying
"I'm probably 70 percent better than I was [at the end of 2005]. It feels a little more comfortable. That's a big step, knowing the damaged area of the sesamoid bone is a little bit relieved."
Well, today's human anatomy lesson is that there is a bone in the foot that starts with the same letters as Sesame Street. However, on a serious note it is good to hear that Pedro's toe is healing, but 70% is far from a 100% so hopefully his toe starts to heal faster with the new nike shoe.

The second article from Mets.com is from Brian Hoch. Hoch writes about another Brian, Brian Bannister that is. Hoch discusses what the 24 year old triple a pitcher brings to the table, and what others think about him. Ramon castro is quoting as saying that Bannister is "nasty", the backup catcher also said that
"The way I saw him today, he is tough," Castro said. "A little wild -- a little bit -- but good stuff. All his pitches are big-league pitches. He throws hard, and his ball moves."
Bannister has been mentioned as one of the possibillities for winning the 5th spot in the rotation, but nobody expects the job to go to anyone outside of Aaron Heilman. I fully expect Bannister to be in the majors at some point this year, but I doubt that it will be as a starter.

Next, recently acquired Nationals starting pitcher Brian Lawrence will not be pitching for the next five months due to a torn labrum. That means that from the NL East both Mike Hampton and Brian Lawrence will start the season on the DL.

Lastly, a friend of mine tipped me to a new forum that recently opened. Baseballnations.com has a section for every major league team, including the Mets, so if you are looking for another forum to add to your favorites than check out baseballnations, and if you check it out tell them True Fans...sent you!


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