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Monday, February 13, 2006

Notes from the 13th

Couple of notes from the day:
1) Tike Redman cleared waivers and apparently won't make the team out of Spring Training, and was placed on the Tides roster.
2) The Daily News reports that Aaron Heilman, John Maine, Brian Bannister and Yusaki Iriki will all be fighting for the 5th slot in the rotation. Surprising that Bannister's name is there, although I don't expect him to win the job. Maine, on the other hand, could be a dark horse.
3) Also, for those who want to learn more about Alay Soler the Daily News wrote a column on his trip from Cuba to America. They also discuss Soler's three pitches.
4) Lastly, for those of you who read Metsblog, and saw this posted late last night I'm sure your still laughing. Luke Halpert wrote about the nine hirings SNY made for anchors for telecasts, and one of the anchors was 2001 Ms. Florida winner. Halpert then went on to say "as for donaldson, i've never seen her on anything in my life, but she could have an hour long show about this and people will watch." That link is too funny, nice work.


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