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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Notes from the 10th

Not much major news today, but there is a couple of small notes:
1) As I'm sure you've heard Ricky Henderson will be working with the Mets for 10 days this spring. Henderson will mainly be working on baserunning which Matthew Cerrone says is one of the main focal points that the Mets are going to work on this spring, as well as through the season.
2) In other news, Omar Minaya has claimed that Pedro is still set to pitch in the WBC. Minaya also says that Pedro's shoe hasn't arrived, and he also says that Martinez may arrive early, again, to Spring Training. Lastly, Minaya says that Pedro will be re-examined on March 1st, and that is when the ultimate decision will be made on if Pedro will play in the WBC or not.
3) Mlb.com predicts the Mets to win the division, and the Braves to finish in second place, followed by the Phils, Nationals, and Marlins.
4) Lastly, Metsgeek.com released their opinion on the Mets' top ten wins this season.


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