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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cablevision and SNY, Floyd's concern

Today the Daily News wrote an article about the declining amount of African-Americans in Baseball, and he also includes som background information on Lastings Milledge. The article discusses how most African-Americans are drawn to playing basketball or football over baseball. The writer (unknown) quotes Milledge as saying
"I can sit down all day and watch football," he says. "It's really exciting. I mean, I like watching baseball too. But you get a couple of innings that go on too long, and you change the channel."
This is interesting, because I know a lot of people--not neccesarily African-Americans--how feel the same way about baseball, however the white population in baseball has steadied as far as I know. Cliff Floyd thinks that
"...in some cases it's the cost of maintaining fields and getting equipment that is the problem," Floyd said. "But I also think it's the glamour. The thing kids like to do now is watch and play football and basketball."
Cliff Floyd, the only African-American who is a lock for the 25 man roster, is establishing a foundation in his hometown that will be dedicated to teaching inner-city kids about baseball. Also, the article discusses Milledge's background in high school, and how he was lucky that he is playing baseball. Milledge is quoted as saying
"My dad and my two older brothers played football in high school," Lastings Milledge says. "But he didn't want me to play it. He saw that I had a future in baseball. I still played football until the eighth grade. "I mean, if I really, really wanted to keep playing, I could have forced it. But I don't really test my dad. He's been a real big influence on me. I wouldn't be here without him. He's responsible for everything I know - my work ethic, the way I go about everyday life."
I guess we're lucky his Dad, a former minor-leaguer and current state trooper saw a future in baseball for Lastings. This article is very well written with some nice quotes, I'd suggest reading it if you are either black, concerned about the amount of black's in baseball, or if want to learn a bit more about Milledge.

Next, the biggest news of the day for me is another rumor that Cablevision is carrying SNY. Bloomberg.com, along with mutliple other sources is reporting that Cablevision has agreed to show New York Mets games on SNY. Just in time, Spring Training starts this week. I can't wait!


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