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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Preview: Pedro's first start of 2006

Tonight Pedro Martinez will make his first start of the season, after throwing mearely 7 innings the entire spring. John Kruk believes that Pedro should be fine, mainly because he is Pedro. To me Pedro's first few starts do not have to be typical Pedro, as I would accept 5 innings and 2 earned runs for tonight's game, mainly because I consider April to be the test on Pedro and how his toe will feel. Hopefully, it holds up for the rest of his contract.

1) Pedro's success against the National's hitters is interesting, as some of the hitters hit him well, while others can't hit a lick off of Pedro's pitches. Jose Guillen has owned Pedro in 31 at bats Guillen has 13 hits, good enough for a .419 batting average. In 6 at bats last year against Pedro Guillen had 5 hits.
2) Nick Johnson is looking to build off of his three run home run last night off of Brian Bannister, and his track record against Pedro suggests that he will. Johnson has a .350 batting average against Martinez in 21 at bats.
3) Royce Clayton has the most career at bats against Pedro, much to Clayton's dismay. In 38 at bats against Martinez, Clayton has merely a .211 batting average.
4) Alfonso Soriano has also struggled against Pedro, going only 6-37 which is good (or bad) for a .167 average.
5) The Nationals number two hitter, Jose Vidro, has also struggled against Pedro's pitches. In 14 at bats Vidro owns a .214 batting average against the Mets ace.
6) Carlos Delgado hit his first home run of the season last night, and he may hit another one tonight. Delgado has owned the National's starter, Ramon Ortiz, in 27 at bats. Delgado has 4 home runs and 11 hits, good for a .407 average.
7) In Ramon Ortiz's only start against the Mets last year he pitched 7 innings of 2 run ball, despite losing the game.
8) In 13 innings against the Nationals last year Pedro allowed only 3 earned runs.
9) Last year in Pedro's first start he struck out 12 hitters.
10) Pedro is Ramon Ortiz's idol.

Game Prediction:
Nationals 5 Mets 9
WP- Darren Oliver
LP- Jayson Bergmann (Mets touch up bullpen)

Stat Prediction:
1) Delgado will have at least 2 hits
2) Beltran will have at least 1 hit
3) There will be at least three home runs in the game
4) Pedro will go at least 5 innings
5) Ramon Ortiz will have a better night than Pedro


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