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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Preview: Bannister set for debut, Wright looks to build on strong start

Tommorow night the Mets will take on 2005 breakout pitcher, John Patterson. Some fans and analysts would argue that Patterson is actually the team's ace, and it was only Livan Hernandez's tenuer that earned him a opening day start. Patterson, a former top prospect, had a breakout 2005 season with the Nationals pitching to a 3.13 era in 198.1 innings pitched. Patterson has a roller coaster of success against the Mets hitters, some have been succesful off of him, while others not so much:
1) In 19 career at bats David Wright owns a .316 batting average to go along with two home runs. Hopefully Wright can build off of his 2-4 opening day.
2) Paul LoDuca also owns success against Patterson, holding a .385 batting average in 13 at bats.
3) Carlos Beltran is the last Mets starter who has had success against Patterson. Beltran owns a .444 career batting average with 3 doubles in 9 at bats.
4) On the other side of the spectrum is Jose Reyes. Reyes owns merely a .211 batting average in 19 at bats against the National's starter.
5) Carlos Delgado also struggles against Patterson, hitting merely .222 against him in 9 at bats,
6) Cliff Floyd is the worst among the Mets starters, with a pedestrian .167 batting average against Patterson.
7) John Patterson held a 3.60 era against the Mets in 2005 in 4 starts.
8) Xavier Nady will look to build off of his 4-4 opening day and his past stats, although minute, suggest he will. In 3 career at bats Nady is 1-3 against Patterson.
9) This is Brian bannister's first career start in the majors.
10) Willie Randolph has a career record of 84-79.

My Prediction:
Nationals 6 Mets 7
WP- Jorge Julio
LP- Joey Eischen
H- Duaner Sanchez
SV- Billy Wagner


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