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Monday, April 03, 2006

Some call it lucky, some call it a bad call, I call it 1-0

It's officially upon us. The season has begun, and it was quite a way to start off the 162 game season. With Alfonso Soriano on first base in the 7th inning, and Aaron Heilman on the mound, top prospect Ryan Zimmerman hit a double down the left field line. And one perfect Cliff Floyd relay throw, and one bouncer to homeplate by Jose Reyes later Soriano was out called out at the plate. Although, when watching the replay it was very clear that LoDuca dropped the ball, and that Soriano's hand touched the plate. However, despite the call made being wrong the play was more than remarkable due to all of the things that went the Mets way during the play. The first base umpire made the call, because the home plate umpire was covering third, therefore since the first base umpire comes from the right side of the field he was not able to see LoDuca drop the ball, because LoDuca's body was blocking his hands so the umpire couldn't see him drop the ball. Also, Soriano and apparently the Nationals bench was looking up at the umpire for the call, therefore he did not see LoDuca drop the ball. Lastly, Royce Clayton, the on deck hitter, was in a similar position to the umpire, because LoDuca's body blocked Clayton's vision from seeing the ball. Some newspapers and bloggers are calling the game a lucky win, but you are bound to great breaks throughout the season, and you are bound to have calls against you. Luckily, our break came on the right day.


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