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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Roster set finalized?

I have made an executive decision to stop posting game recaps, because it takes away from me posting about other news which in turn hurts the site. However, if it helps I will link to recaps.

It appears that Pedro Feliciano has made the team as the left handed reliever over Yusaku Iriki. Both Feliciano and Irki pitched last year in another country which is an interesting tidbit. I'm glad to see Feliciano make the team as I have always liked him, even when he struggles. However, that may be because of my success pitching with him in MVP Baseball 2005. But I digress. Feliciano's best year came in 2003 when he threw 48.1 innings in relief allowing only 18 earned runs, which was good enough for a 3.35 era. Ironically Feliciano held his opponents to a lower batting average in 2004 (.209) than in 2003 (.269), which shows me that he was improving despite what his era showed. I hope that Feliciano is the answer the Mets are looking for from a lefty in the bullpen, and if Feliciano can put up a half way decent season and the other relievers pitch to their potential then the Mets should have a very good to great bullpen.


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