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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Opening Day has arrived!

It's finally here! Opening day is upon us, and hopefully the Mets will start off in a different fashion from last season. Although, I wouldn't mind a 6 inning 12 strikeout performance from Glavine. But, before the first pitch is thrown, or even before the first hamstring is stretched comes the anticipation, the excitement, and of course the game preview:

1) In 21 career at bats against Washington opening day starter, Livan Hernandez, Jose Reyes holds a .321 batting average. In addition to the batting average Reyes has 2 of his 15 career home runs against Hernandez.
2) Last season against the Nationals closer, Billy Wagner, had a .69 era with 6 saves in 13 innings pitched.
3) Tom Glavine also dominated the Nationals last season, pitching to a 2.25 era in 20 innings pitched.
4) In 22 career at bats against Livan Hernandez, David Wright holds a .364 batting average with 2 home runs and 7 RBI.
5) Paul LoDuca has had the most at bats against Hernandez in his career (51), and also has the most hits of any Mets against hernandez with 12, good for a .314 batting average.
6) Despite the fact that Hernandez hasn't been very succesful against the Mets' hitters, Tom Glavine has been very succesful against the Nationals hitters. In fact, the National's second baseman, Jose Vidro, holds merely a .229 career batting average against Glavine in 48 at bats.
7) The National's struggles against Glavine doesn't stop there. Brian Schneider, the National's catcher, holds merely a .167 batting average against Glavine in 24 at bats.
8) However, on the other side of the spectrum is Alfonso Soriano. Soriano has "owned" Glavine in his 9 career at bats, earning 5 hits off of Glavine, including one home run.
9) As for the Mets closer, Billy Wagner, he has been even more succesful against the National's hitters. In fact, the National's three hitter, Jose Guillen, holds a .118 batting average against Wagner in 17 at bats.
10) Lastly, Jose Vidro has struggled more against Wagner than against Glavine. Vidro holds a sorrowful .100 batting average against Wagner.

My Prediction for the game:
Mets 4 - Nationals 2
WP- Tom Glavine (6 innings pitched, 2 runs allowed, 4 K's, and 1 walk)
LP- Livan Hernandez (7 innings pitched, 3 runs allowed, 5 K's, and 2 walks)
H- Jorge Julio (pitched 7th inning, allowed one hit, no runs, and strikes out two) and Duaner Sanchez (pitched 8th inning, allows two hits, strikes out none, no runs allowed)
SV- Billy Wagner (pitched 9th inning, allows no hits, strikes out two, no runs scored, no walks)


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