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Friday, April 14, 2006

Preview: Glavine goes for win number two

I'm back from Florida, and I would like to send out my sincerest apologies for the lack of posts. Noah didn't have the time to add anymore posts, as he went to Boston but I'm here now until the first week of July when I go to Puerto Rico. Anyway, according to some Sportscenter highlights and a few phone calls from some fellow Mets fans the Mets are off to a pretty decent start, to say the least. However, I am pretty lucky to be able to see Tom Glavine pitch tonight, hopefully he'll welcome me back to New York in style:
Chris Capuano (1-1) vs. Tom Glavine (1-0)

Game Preview:
1) Chris Capuano has had great success against almost all of the Met hitters in limited time. Paul LoDuca has had the most at bats against him, 10, and he has yet to reach base against the lefty.
2) Carlos Delgado has been red hot this season, but Capuano may put his flame out tonight, that is if Delgado is in the lineup. Delgado is 0-7 with 5 strikeouts in his career against Capuano. Willie Randolph may know Delgado's numbers, and I expect him to play the right handed Julio Franco instead. I expect the lineup to be a bit different tonight.
3) Even Xavier Nady, who is known to dominate left-handers, struggles against Capuano. In fact, he is almost worse than Delgado. In 6 at bats against Capuano Nady does not have a hit and has struck out 4 times.

4) Carlos Beltran owns the most success out of any Met, against Capuano. In 6 plate appearences Beltran has 2 hits, 1 double, and 1 walk.
5) Last season against the Mets Chris Capuano pitched 7 innings, allowed 3 runs, and struck out 6.
6) Last season against the Brewers Tom Glavine struggled, in 6 innnings he allowed 4 earned runs, and an atrocious 11 hits.
7) Tom Glavine has had mixed results against the Brewer's hitters. Geoff jenkins has had good success against Glavine, hitting .318 in 22 at bats.
8) Centerfielder, Brady Clark, has also had good success against Glavine. In 13 at bats the right hander is hitting .385 against Glavine.
9) On the other hand, Carlos Lee, an MVP contender, has only hit in 6 at bats against Glavine.
10) Third baseman, Corey Koskie, has put up the same numbers (as Carlos Lee) against Glavine. In 6 at bats he owns only 1 hit. Therefore we may see Bill Hall play third base tonight, as he has a .500 batting average against Glavine, in 4 at bats.

Score Prediction:
Brewers 1 Mets 2-I feel this will be a pitchers duel, but I am relativley fearful that this score may be reversed, with the Mets losing.
WP- Tom Glavine
LP- Derrick Turnbow
H- Aaron Heilman
SV- Billy Wagner

Game Play Predictions:
1) Carlos Beltran will have at least two hits.
2) Glavine and Capuano will pitch a combined 14 innings, at least.
3) The starting pitcher will get the win.
4) There will be a single digit in combined hits for tonights game.
5) Wright will either score a run or have an rbi tonight.


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