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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Weekend's (Happy) Recap

Jordan's on vacation and has honored me with the privilege of updating his blog while he soaks in the sun -- leaving me in cold, miserable New York. I'm Noah, from FlushingHardball.com, by the way. At least I now have something to watch...

Friday: Mets stay on Trach (boy, I hate MLB.com puns). A game full of positives indeed, none greater than the performance of our beleagured third (?) starter: one run, three hits, six strikeouts, six innings, five minutes between pitches.

Can't forget Jose -- he put up a 3-for-5 line with a stolen base. What's most impressive so far with Reyes is his ability to see pitches -- Dr. Henderson must've slid a good tip or two through Jose's ears on waiting for his pitch, something Ricky did so well himself.

And David Wright continued his torrid start, notching a 2-for-3 line, including one of the more magnificent home runs I've seen at Shea in a long time -- a 470-foot bomb that cleared the Pepsi Picnic Area in left field.

The Mets were 3-1, but 2005 Cy Young runner-up Dontrelle Willis loomed.

Or did he...

Saturday: Rainout! The New York area could've used a little rain, I suppose. The rainout scrambled the rotation -- most notably, poor Victor Zambrano will be pushed back to Thursday. In Sunday's SNY pregame, Zambrano stated how ready he was to go, only to be pushed back again.

Fans, hold your hands up as if you were immitating a balance or scale. Pretend one hand has a future Hall-of-Fame pitcher with two Cy Young awards and countless other accolades. Then, pretend the other hand has a mediocre pitcher who walks the ballpark and looks like he wants to cry whenever he's on the mound. Now, fans, tell me -- who gets priority? Thanks.

The lauded lefty pitching matchup -- Glavine vs. D-Train -- would take place a day late.

Sunday: The numbers are -- or were -- quite gaudy. 8-1 record. 1.85 ERA. No, I'm not predicting Pedro's All-Star Break numbers. Those were Dontrelle Willis's numbers against the Mets prior to Sunday's match. We finally beat him last year, when he became the first Marlin to win 20 games and finished second to Chris Carpenter in NL Cy Young voting. It was time to face the quirky Bay Area native again, this time in 2006, a year in which the Mets are infinitely better and the Marlins are infinetly worse.

For a while, it looked like that didn't matter. We didn't derail nothing -- Dontrelle was lights out. Through five, he had shut us down. Thankfully, Glavine matched him with equal zeroes until the fifth, when Josh Willingham's (at least he helps my fantasy team) double scored two and gave the Marlins a 2-0 lead.

Then, David came through again. A 2-run triple that just slipped under Jeremy Hermida's diving glove. Fifth straight game with a RBI.

In to hold the tie came Duaner Sanchez -- a far cry from the misery that is Jorge Julio, indeed. Two scoreless innings, on both ends. Dontrelle pitched into the eighth as well.

Enter Sandman. Wagner strolled -- well, ran -- out of the pen to the noted song. Fans at Shea could hear Mike Francessa weeping profusely while throwing various kitchen utensils as Wagner mocked His Lord Mariano Rivera. A Jose Reyes error is all that could've prolonged the inning -- Wagner, still without his premium fastball, sat down the Marlins and handed the game over to the meat of the Mets lineup, with LoDuca, Beltran, and Delgado due up.

A Beltran walk and Delgado double later, David came through once again. Sacrifice fly. Game over. This once again ends the debate -- Wright is the best hitter on the team, and those MVP chants could be warranted come September. David must be part of destiny for the Mets -- an answer to Derek Jeter, and the man to bring the Mets to the promise land.

We're 4-1, guys! Best start since '98! Already two games up on the 3-4 Braves, who lost half of their infield in Larry (exclaimed, because his knee and ankle injuries may keep him out for a prolonged period) and Marcus Giles yesterday.

Let's keep the good vibes going.


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