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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jeffries to play tonight?

According to the New York Post Jared Jeffries may make his season debut tonight against the Bucks. If Jeffries does not return against the Bucks, he will most likely play against the Celtics on Monday. Once the 24 year old returns David Lee may move to the bench, where Isiah Thomas says that he can return as a candidate for the "sixth man of the year". However, with Steve Francis' recent injury I wonder if Crawford will be playing shooting guard if Isiah will make the inevitable move of Quentin Richardson at shooting guard, and Jeffries at small forward.

Jeffries, who was hurt in a pre-season game taking an offensive foul, will be the Knicks best defender. Jeffries' defensive versatillity makes him a very imporant factor for the Knicks.

Eddy Curry has ditched the braids, at least for a few days he has. At yesterday's practice the 24 year old center sported an afro, much to the chagrine of Curry's teammates. Curry quickly earned the nickname "Buckwheat" (shown left), and Isiah Thomas joked that if Curry wasn't playing so well they may have to make a rule against his hair. It's good to see that the Knicks are still loose and having fun in practice, despite their recent struggles.


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