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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What we have learned...Knicks

Coming off of a dominant all around victory against the Wizards the Knicks will head on the road for two straight games. The first game is against the Heat, and the Knicks will probably be looking at a feast or famine game in Miami. Shaquille O'Neal is hurting for the Heat, but he says he plans to play against the Knicks, because his team needs a leader. This means one of two things. One Shaq will be totally ineffective, despite a succesful practice today, or he will completely dominate and be the leader that he is. Of course, even if Shaq is ineffective the heat also have Alonzo Mourning who torched the Knicks last year with the right hand, swatting 9 shots. The Knciks have competed against the elite teams so far this season, and Miami is definitley not an elite team yet, there entire rotation hasn't played full games together and they may still be trying to get into a groove.

What else have we learned over the past few days?

  1. Jerome James, who looked so good in training camp, coming to play in shape, will finally begin to practice again next week. Kelvin Cato hasn't had much of an impact this season, and I fully expect James to play more than Cato is playing now. Also, James is a very good shot blocker, and if he remains in shape he could join David Lee, Renaldo Balkman, and Nate Robinson off of the bench as the "spark plugs". Did I really just say that about Jerome James? Guess I did.
  2. Although it doesn't directly effect the Knicks, Chris Webber has asked out of Philadelphia which can only be good news for the Knicks. Obviously Webber is not happy which only hurts the 76ers right now, and because of Webber's bad legs, and huge contract the 76ers will most definitley not get talent back to what Webber is capable of doing. Overall, good news for the Knicks.
  3. Stephon Marbury said before the game against the Wizards that he was being too timid and was not being aggressive, that he was still earning his role in the offense. Although he wasn't terrific against the Wizards (16 points, 4 assists, 0 turnovers) he showed signs of improvement, and he was also much more aggresive. The Knicks will need Marbury to play better if they want to win, and so far he is showing signs of getting there. The Miami game will be a true test with D Wade potentially guarding him, and with either Shaq or Alonzo Mourning in the middle Marbury will not have an easy night driving, but that doesn't mean he can't be succesful.


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