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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Matzuzaka bidding ends today, although announcement comes in six days

Coveted Japanese starter, Daisuke Matzusaka (still working on perfecting the spelling), has reportedly been bid on by at least five teams in the Mets, Cubs, Rangers, D-Backs, Red Sox and Yankees. Matzusaka's team, the Seibu Lions, will review all of the bids from the clubs that submit offers and by Tuesday the 14th they will announce who is the winning bidder. Once the winning bidder is announced the winning organization will have the only rights to negotiate a contract with Scott Boras. However, if the winning bidder cannot negotiate a deal then their money will be returned and Matzusaka wil return to the Lions and will be posted again in the 2007 offseason.

Personally I don't understand why a team like the Devil Rays or Royals don't just bid an upsurd amount and then choose not to negotiate so the powerhouses in their respective league do not become stronger. Maybe I'm missing something.

The off-season is only a few days old and already there are tons of rumors swirling. Here's a brief list of what I have heard so far:

  • The New York Times reported that the Mets wil try to nab Dontrelle Willis or Daisuke Matzusaka. However, if the Mets fail they will try for lefty Barry Zito or try to trade for ace pitcher Jake Peavy, who has recently become available.
  • The Mets have reportedly been in contact with Mark Mulder's agent, and Adam Kennedy's agent.
  • Lastly, the Cubs, Marlins, and Devil Rays all reportedly are interested in Aaron Heilman to use in a starting role. The Mets have reportedly been interested in Edwin jackson because Peterson claims he can fix his mechanical problems. Jackson was once a stud prospect, but is still only 23. Sounds like a mixture of Oliver Perez and Victor Zambrano please.


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