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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mota gets caught using 'roids...Jeffries officially has surgery

Since the new drug ban in baseball took place the major league Mets hadn't been effected, for the most part. A few names had fluttered around that had been caught, such as Felix Heredia, Yusaku Iriki, but not much else, until today. Today Newsday revealed that Mota has been using steroids, and he will be suspended for the first 50 games of the 2007 season.

I wonder what Minaya is thinking about this, and if he should still sign the 33 year old. Before this Mota was an obvious re-sign, but it appears that it was more than just moving his footing closer to first base that made Mota pitch better. It certainly appears that Mota needed the illegal substance to pitch as succesful as he did. So that begs the question, can he be succesful off of the "juice"? I would still sign him, but I would also go for another set-up man and start Mota off in middle relif. This also could turn out to almost benefit the 2007 Mets, despite the bad publicity. If Minaya does decide to sign Mota, and he happens to still be pitching fine, then Minaya will have gotten Mota for a signicantly cheaper price.

As I mentioned yesterday Jeffries was rumored to be going under the knife and would be out for another 6-8 weeks. It was made official today, and Jeffries will be out for an extra two months. As mentioned yesterday, this just puts more pressure on Quentin Richardson, and the bench to play better. This team did not respond well to pressure last year, but hopefully a new year means a new response.


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