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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What we have learned...Mets

Since we've last spoken a variety of events have happened for the Mets organization. Below is a list of each event, and my take/description of the event.

  1. The Mets have re-signed El Duque and Jose Valentin- I love the re-signing of El Duque, for obvious reasons. El Duque was terrific with us last year, going 9-7 and if you take away his eleven run shalacking by the Phillies his era plummets from 4.09 to 3.37, which is almost ace-like material. Although, I'm definitley not calling El Duque our ace, but he certainly has shown he can still get the job done. He'll be here for at least two more seasons, and hopefully he'll have two more rings to put on his fingers. As for "the stache" re-signing, I am stilla bit iffy. He didn't get the job done this season coming off the bench, and I don't have much faith in him starting at second base for a full season. He was dreadful in the playoffs, and I hope Omar picks up another second base bat. With all of that said I still like his presence in the clubhouse, and I suppose if he is used as a super-utillity man he could be useful.
  2. The Mets have signed Damion Easley to a contract worth $800,000 for one year. Easley was once a formidable hitter with the Tigers, hitting about 20+ home runs a year, and even hitting home 100 base runners in 1998. Easley has played every position except for CF, LF, and C. There isn't much else to say here other than goodbye Chris Woodward, and hello Damion Easley.
  3. The Mets picked up Jason Standridge from the Cinncinatti Reds. He is not too good from my understanding, but he is still only 28. He walked 14 batters this year and struck out 18, while pitching to a 4.81 era in 18.2 innings for the Reds. Standridge will not be more than a Spring Training invitee.
  4. The Mets dealt Heath Bell and Royce Ring to the Padres for Ben Johnson and Jon Adkins. I sent an e-mail out to my Padres source, so I'll reserve judgement until i hear back from him.


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