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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knicks Fall to 2-5, Rose Tired of Losing

Last night the Knicks lost by eight to the elite Spurs, in San Antonio. Staying within double-digits of a potential world champion sounds nice, but the Knicks could of won the game, and the same problems that have affected them all season continued to hurt them in the loss. The Knicks were outscored 21-32 in the first quarter, turned the ball over 15 times, played terrible defense for the majority of the game, and only had 11 assists. If you count the quarters after the first then the Knicks outscored the Spurs by three, which shows that the Knicks at least have the potential to become a good team, they just need to figure out the first 12 minutes.

Malik Rose played in his fourth consecutive game where he had significant minutes, and he is tired of losing. This is good to see, you want the players to get upset when they lose so that they try to lose as little as possibly. Obviously they try to win every game, but if thy get down and depressed as it sounds Rose is it could change the attitude that much more. Hopefully this attitude rubs off on some of the other players, even though the coach has continually said that he is content with a 1-2 road trip against elite teams, and I can't be upset with that record but I am not happy. And neither should the Knicks be.


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