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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jeffries problem may fix itself

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding what Isiah Thomas might do with the Knicks' starting lineup once Jared Jeffries and Channing Frye return from their injuries. However, as is so often in sports, Isiah's problem may have solved themselves. David Lee, who has had his moments in the starting role, will return to the bench once Jeffries returns in a game or two. That change was expected, however, then the question became what happens when Channing Frye returns.

Isiah Thomas answered that question a few days back, kind of. Isiah hinted that Quentin Richardson, one of the Knicks worst players under Larry Brown, will take over at shooting guard, with Jeffries at the small forward, and Frye at the power forward. But which high priced point-guard will ride the pine? Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury have near identical numbers for the season. Although, over the last five games Marbury is starting to play better than he did at the start of the season. Marbury is averaging 14.6 points, 5 assists, 2.2 rebounds, and 2.0 turnovers a game, while Francis is averaging only eight points, 2.4 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and 1.8 turnovers per game.

Marbury was seemingly beginning to pull away from Francis, who was benched for one game this season, and the latest news may seal the deal for Marbury's starting role. Francis was quoted today as saying that he has tendinitis in his right knee, which has affected his play. He claims it was afecting him over the past "4-5 months", and that nothing showed up on the x-rays other than very hot spots. Francis says the act that he hasn't dunked all season has shown the impact the injury has had on him thus far. Therefore, I wonder if Francis' tendinitis will put him on the bench to put less strain on his knee. Francis says he doesn't believe it needs surgery, before knocking on wood, but that in Wednesday's loss to the Wizards he claimed he "could barely move". Sounds a little more serious than tendinitis, and I wonder if he does recover will we see the old Franchise again?


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