he True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Knicks Start Pivitol Three Game Road Trip in Chicagoh

Monday, November 27, 2006

Knicks Start Pivitol Three Game Road Trip in Chicago

The Knicks have very clearly had problems at home this season, but their next three games will be on the road. Their 4-4 record on the road is most impressive, which is why the Knicks must capitalize on every potential road victory possible. At least until they figure out how to win at home. All three road games are against perennial playoff teams (despite the Bulls struggles they are still a perennial playoff team) and the latter two games will be against two of the three teams with winning records in the eastern conference. The Knicks are currently one game out of first place in the Atlantic Division behind the New Jersey Nets. They are also only one game behind eighth seed Boston, although six other teams are within one game of the Celtics. Therefore, as a rough November comes to a close, the Knicks most find a way to win two of the next three games. No matter how difficult it sounds against the better teams in the league it is a must, before they begin to lose confidence. With injuries to Quentin Richardson and Channing Frye the short bench must find a way to overcome adversity and pull through for a couple of victories until they begin to get healthy again.

As for the Bulls, Ben Wallace appears to be butting heads with Coach Scott Skiles. You may have noticed in Saturday's game that Wallace started and then proceeded to be pulled two minutes into the game by Coach Skiles. The reason: Wallace was wearing a headband, which violates team policy. Yes, you read that right. Coach Skiles pulled his best defender, albeit he has underacheived so far, out of the game to prove a point. Later in the game Wallace sustained two minor injuries: a finger sprain and a wrist contusion. Wallace met with GM John Paxson for the second straight day on Monday, in an attempt to end Wallace's insubordination. Wallace's problems with Skiles can only be good news for the Knicks, and Eddy Curry. Although, by the way back-up center Malik Allen played on Saturday (15 points in 25 minutes) this may be bad news.

Tommorow's game is at 8:30 est on MSG.


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