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Monday, November 27, 2006

Injuries to Frye and Richardson Deplete Knicks Roster

The Knicks roster was already two men short of the normal 15 size NBA rosters. Utillity forward, Jared Jeffries, has been out all season after wrist surgery, and Isiah Thomas elected not to sign or keep a 15th player for the roster after training camp broke. Therefore, when Channing Frye's sprained ankle and Quentin Richardson's strained hamstring came in the same quarter in Saturday's loss to the Bulls the Knicks were immediately outmanned on the bench. The Knicks preceded to have their daily dramatic comeback, only to fall just short.

Channing Frye will be out until around 2007, and Quentin Richardson is day to day with his strained hamstring. In fact, some question if Richardson will be able to play against the Bulls, in his home town. However, if Richardson does play he would definitley not be 100%. Nevertheless, his injury seems far less worse than Frye's.

Frye believes that this injury will help increase his knowledge for the "intellectual part of the game". Frye was seemingly gaining more confidence as the games went on, and I assume what he meant by the "intellectual part of the game" is to keep his confidence up, and to even raise it above what it currently is. This is Frye's third injury in his short two year career, all of which are freak accidents. The first came towards the end of the 2005-2006 season when Nate Robinson pushed a defender into Frye's knee, straining his left knee ligament.

With the injuries David Lee will move into the starting lineup, although Richardson's small forward spot is still questionable. Because Richardson may or may not play there has been no announcement as to whom will start at small forward. Presumably Jamal Crawford or Renaldo Balkman would get the call to start.


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