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Monday, January 23, 2006

Opinion: What should the Mets do?

There has been some debate going around about who the Mets should go for. Choice A is trading for Zito and having to give up Heilman/Milledge --who appears unlikely to be moved--with the possible risk of not being able to sign him to an extension. First of all, I don't think that Minaya would do a deal where he is giving up a good deal of talent and risk not being able to re-sign the player he gets in return. With that said Zito would be a very good arm to add to the Mets rotation. He is a Cy Young calibur player who never misses a start. On the other hand, the Mets will have to give up a lot of talent to acquire him, when they may just become patient and let him walk from the A's and try to sign him in the offseason. The problem with that is I don't think that Zito is on the A's past the trade deadline, some team will be in need of a frontline starter (Yankees? Red Sox?) and wil inquire about Zito's services. The team who then acquires him would most likely sign him to an extension, which would never give the Mets the opportunity to sign him. Also, Zito had admitted that it takes him nearly half a season to develop his curveball, therefore it may be a good idea to try and acquire him at the deadline.

Choice B is signing Jeff Weaver to a one year contract. This is something that some fans do to confuse me. These fans don't want to give up the players to get a one year Barry Zito rental (which I said earlier will not happen, it will be more then one year) but they want a one year Jeff Weaver rental. Weaver would cost the Mets their draft pick, which is somewhere between the 18th and 20th picks. These fans seem to forget the fact that Aaron Heilman was drafted 18th, and he will probably be a solid player in the majors. Don't forget, the Red Sox got closer Craig Hansen with the 26th overall pick, so people who are good can still be selected with the 18th pick. Now, you would rather give up a first round draft pick for one year of Weaver instead of giving up a bit more then the draft pick's value for a better pitcher for more years? I think you can cross his name off of the list for best choice.

That leaves choice C, which is trading for David Wells. Not really sure what the Red Sox would want for him considering his age and obesity. It shouldn't be too expensive, a solid prospect/player should do the job. No names come to my mind right away, but he is certainly acquriable. He is lefty, a veteran, a winner, and would benifit from moving from the AL East to the NL East. He would be a nice player, but certainly not the answer that the rotation needs. If you want to take the route of giving up a solid player/prospect for Wells, and then take the risk of Zito walking into free agency, and then signing with the Mets then Wells is your man. However, if you would rather take the safer route than I would go with trading for Zito and try and sign him to an extension as soon as possible. Of course the best choice isn't always what happens.

That's my opinion, do you agree? If not then why not?


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