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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rumors, signings, trades, OH MY!

The latest rumor, as some of you have heard, is that Kris Benson could be traded to the Orioles for Jorge Julio and a prospect. It is unclear who the prospect will be but it's possible that Adam Loewen could be the prospect being discussed. The Mets have coveted the prospect ever since the trade talks first appeared. The deal could be a precursor Barry Zito deal. The deal would be the prospect we get for Benson, Victor Diaz, and Aaron Heilman for Zito. The Mets would then sign the switch-hitting Jeff DaVanon to platoon with Nady. After the smoke clears, and all of the rumors happen as reported then the final result would be as follows:
Mets get: Barry Zito, Jorge Julio, and Jeff DaVanon
A's get: Benson prospect, Victor Diaz, and Aaron Heilman
Orioles get: Kris Benson

Now, this is purely a rumor, and the names that have been mentioned may not be the actual ones involved in the talks. The other option to this move is not even trading for Zito --who would recquire a 24-48 hour window to sign an extension--and simply putting Heilman in the rotation with Julio taking Heilman's spot in the rotation.

Should the Mets do the Zito scenario then I like this trade. Zito would elevate the Mets expectations, at least for me, to a whole new level. DaVanon would replace Diaz, who is overrated in my opinion, and Julio is still young so maybe he could control his stuff with the Mets and get better. On the other hand, should the Mets not trade for Zito then I have to be against this deal, at least with the names available to me I have to. Julio, despite his potential, isn't the greatest of relievers, and without a Zito in the rotation I don't know if I could live with him in the bullpen. One downgrade should lead to one equal upgrade. In this deal I don't see that happening. Heilman has good potential but nearly every expert says that Heilman is better suited for the bullpen, meaning that the bullpen is downgraded and the rotation is a wash at best. Keep in mind that the prospect the Mets get is still undecided so stay tuned.


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