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Monday, January 16, 2006

WBC rosters are announced

The World Baseball Classic rosters were announced today. From the Mets Paul Lo Duca, Billy Wagner, and David Wright will all play for the United States. Pedro and Duner Sanchez will play for the Dominican Republic, although it appears that Pedro is trying to show that his toe injury is worse then it is in an attempt to get out of the event. Carlos Beltran, Ramon Castro, Pedro Feliciano, Juan Padilla, Jose Valentin, and Carlos Delgado will all play for Puerto Rico. Lastly, Victor Zambrano will play for Venezuela. The United States depth chart (top 2 at each position) and rotation looks something like this:
C- Jason Varitek, Joe Mauer
1b- Derrek Lee, Mark Teixera (toss up here, you could also put Lance Berkman in)
2b- Chase Utley, Michael Young
SS- Derrek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins
3b- David Wright, Chipper Jones (I'm hoping this is the order, but Chipper may take the spot, and it was also hard keeping Morgan Ensberg off of the list)
LF- Barry Bonds, Lance Berkman
CF- Vernon Wells, Johnny Damon
RF- Carl Crawford, Johnny Damon (leftovers)

1) Roger Clemens
2) Dontrelle Willis
3) Roy Halladay
4) Jake Peavy
5) Andy Pettite

Closers: Billy Wagner, Brad Lidge, Chad Cordero, Joe Nathan, and Huston Street

That's a team that I could go to battle with. I would like to apologize to my readers who check my site daily. I made a promise saying that I would post everyday, news or not, and yesterday I did not post, I apologize to those of you looking for Mets news, and I hope you keep reading my site despite my lie.


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