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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pedro healthier then first expected?

Could Pedro's injury be less serious then we first expected. Bob Klapisch of the Bergern Record says "But is he really (as hurt as we thought)? People close to Martinez are whispering that the injury, while not entirely cured, is nothing severe. Yet, by treating it as such, Pedro and the Mets will have the perfect "out" from the World Baseball Classic in March. Friends say Pedro isn't crazy about pitching in the tournament, but has no way of taking himself off the roster without incurring the wrath of the entire Dominican Republic."

I like it. I am sure most Mets fans do not want Pedro pitching in the World Baseball Classic, save the people rooting for the Dominican Republic, and this is the "perfect" way to stop him from competing. The Mets ace should be in spring training with the majority of the rotation and the coaching staff and the innings he would throw in the WBC game should be saved for October and September when the Mets need him. Hopefully the Mets plan works and Pedro can stay at spring training.


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