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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Minaya looking into free agent pitchers

Could Jeff Weaver be coming to the Mets? When Omar Minaya was asked on the state on Victor Zambrano he responded "Today, he's in the bullpen," however, Minaya also said that he was "talking to some potential free agents."
  • Rotoworld
  • is assuming that "he meant some current free agents with the potential to become Mets' starters."

    If this is the case then the only free agent pitcher left who interests me is ex-Yankee, Jeff Weaver. Weaver reportedly is searching for a five year deal and the Dodgers will not work with him until his demands drop. It is unclear whether or not Minaya was referencing Weaver but that is my guess. Weaver, right now, would probably be the Mets third starter, behind Tom Glavine and in front of Kris Benson. With Boras as his agent his contract will be a hefty one but I highly doubt that he will get over ten million a year my guess would be something around nine million a year for about three years. However, it seems like the Mets will want to dump some salary before making any more moves that add a significant amount of payroll.

    In other news
  • The Journal News
  • is reporting that the Mets and first round pick, Mike Pelfrey, are finally discussing a deal to sign him.

    Good God!! It's finally happening!


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