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Monday, January 02, 2006

MLB.com's article on questions for 2006

MLB.com's writer Mark Newman
  • lists
  • the top 20 questions coming into the 2006 season. At number 14 Newman says "Will the Mets walk the walk? Once again, they talked the talk in a second consecutive blockbuster offseason. This time their additions included first baseman Carlos Delgado and closer Billy Wagner, and they traded Mike Cameron to San Diego for Xavier Nady. Lo Duca replaces Mike Piazza behind the plate. The middle infield is still a question mark. Many thought Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran would bring a postseason, and many will just wait and see how this season unfolds. Maybe the bigger question is whether this is now the best team in New York." That is the question that every Mets fan and beat writer is asking, can the Mets walk the walk. I think they can, they aren't ready for a championship but there aren't as many pieces left as there used to be. The main thing this article did for me was get me even more excited for the season, i dont know if i can wait another month and a half for pitchers and catchers to report. If you can't bare waiting for the season to start i wouldn't read this, if you have the self control to read the article then it is a solid read.


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