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Monday, January 02, 2006

Is Heilman worth Baez straight up?

  • MLB Trade Rumors
  • discusses how Dany Baez has been overrated by the trade market because of the amount of games he saved in 2005. Trade rumors says that Baez is just as good as National's reliever Luis Ayala and a bit better the Pete Walker, but because he throws low 90's he is touted higher then those set-up men. He goes on to say that when factoring luck and stadium effect, Baez should have had a 3.74 era last year which is much worse then Heilman, plus Heilman is younger and struck out nearly twice as many batters. In conclusion, I agree with mlbtraderumors.com Heilman should not be traded for Baez, and I also agree with trade rumors that any other young pitcher such as Jae Seo shouldn't be traded for the 28 year old closer.


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