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Friday, January 06, 2006

Mets pass on Tavarez

The Mets seem to have filled out the majority of their 25 man roster. A couple more minor league deals should still take place along with a possible Matsui trade, however it seems like there will be no more blockbusters that could happen this offseason. Also, to those of you looking at who the Mets could sign for the bullpen you can cross another name off of your list. Julian Tavarez is reportedly not coming to the Mets, and this makes me very happy because tavarez seems to want a 3-4 year contract with a good amount of money attached. Thankfully Omar didn't overreact and give it to him right away and now we may have a better option in Sanchez. Sanchez is not only younger, cheaper, but is less of a headcase then Tavarez.

Also, a couple of things to note for around the league. Firstly, there are some rumors saying that Bobby Abreu and some mix of pitching could go to the Orioles for Miguel Tejada who would then move to third base since shortstop is blocked by Jimmy Rollins, and second base by Chase Utley. It is unclear which pitching would be sent the Orioles way, however, the Phillies lack depth in pitching and any talent they give up could wind up hurting them. Next, the first overall pick of the 2005 draft, Justin Upton, was signed by the DBacks today to add to the already stacked Arizona farm. This could only be good news for the Mets now that the standard has been set by the number one pick. I expect the Mets first round pick,
  • Mike Pelfrey
  • , to sign within the next few days. Pelfrey has been shut down ever since he was drafted because of a fear that he may overuse his arm. Hopefully this move will work for Pelfrey instead of backfiring on the Mets like
  • Phillip Humber did.

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