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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mike Pelfrey, better then Randy Johnson?

Patrick Andriola of metsdaily.com interviewed Mike Pelfrey's college coach and discussed the type of player Pelfrey is. This is a great read, and a must for people who want to know more about Pelfrey. Of note from the interview, Kemnitz says that Pelfrey is a hard worker who plays when he is hurt. His best pitch is a fastball which isn't much news to anybody, and Kemnitz says that if the 6'7" right hander can continue to develop then he should be an ace. The most impressive thing to me is the fact that Mike Pelfrey is the best pitcher he has ever coached, above Randy Johnson, above Ben Mcdonald, above Darren Dreifort, and above about 25 other players that have made the majors.
Wow, thats quite a statement to make. Randy Johnson is easily a Hall of Famer and is one of the top 5 lefties of all time. Also, the fact Pelfrey has a good attitude and wants to get better is just another plus towards signing this guy. We really lucked out geting him at the ninth slot, at least going into the season that's my view on it.


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