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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Danny Baez not coming to the Mets

Danny Baez was traded to the Dodgers this afternoon along with Lance Carter in exchange for RHP Edwin Jackson and LHP Chuck Tiffany.

Very good news for the Mets. I didn't want Baez, at least for what the D-Rays were asking. I think that this it for the bullpen rumors, Tavarez and Baez are now gone and I am happy. The bullpen is solid as is, despite the fact that we still need a lefty specialist. I have a feeling that the problem will be solved in the season either through a trade or with a suprise in-house option. Oh, and by the way the D-Rays are putting together quite a team for the future. They already have a surplus in the outfield and their rotation is looking good. When you think about their team of the future you can't help but get chills


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