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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Zambrano set to make $3 million in 2006

Victor Zambrano, one of two players left on the Mets roster who has yet to sign a contract without going into arbitration, has narrowed the list down from one to two. Chris Woodward is now the only player left without a contract. Victor Zambrano signed a one year contract worth $3,000,000.

I think this is a bit expensive for Zambrano, considering that it's a raise of nearly a million dollars compared to his salary last year. This is especially expensive should the Mets acquire another starter, forcing Zambrano into the bullpen. Hopefully Zambrano can continuely get better and improve his command. Last year his command was interesting, he didn't walk an atrocious amount of batters per game, but he did get to a lot of 3 ball counts, raising his pitch count.


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