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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weaver, Zito, or Wells to be added to rotation?

Gotham Baseball, the site that originally reported the 4 way trade rumor with Manny coming to the Mets, has come out with yet another rumor. This time they are reporting that there most likely will be a deal to prelude the Benson deal. There are a few options according to Mark Healey. One option is that the Mets may wind up signing free agent, and Scott Boras client, Jeff Weaver. Weaver has reportedly demanded a 3-4 year contract worth around 9-10 million a year. However, there have also been reports that have said that he may be willing to accept a one year deal and then retest the market for another year, this means that whoever signs him will not have to pay him for an extended period of time. Option 2 could be trading for Zito, which is a lot easier said then done. Omar Minaya appears unwilling to part with top prospect, Lastings Milledge, therefore if any deal is put together it would have to include other players that Billy Beane likes. Mathew Cerrone yesterday said
A’s GM Billy Beane repeatedly asked the Orioles for RHP John Maine during his talks with Baltimore regarding Tim Hudson last off-season. Maine’s name was mentioned again in talks involving Mark Mulder, as well.
This means that Omar could be looking to deal Maine along with some sort of Aaron Heilman and Victor Diaz package. On the other hand, last year Maine was projected to be a good fourth starter, possible third starter, and was 6th on the Orioles top 10 prospect list. On the updated version that was recently released maine was not on the top 10. This may mean that Beane's affinity for Maine may not be there anymore. Lastly, Mark Healey says that David Wells may become an option
If for some reason the Zito quest goes unfulfilled and David Wells is still property of the Red Sox in the next few weeks, sources have told us Minaya will work to bring the veteran and familiar lefty to Shea.
Wells has asked out of Boston and has been involved in many trade rumors this offseason. Wells is an intriguing option. He's a free agent after next season, is a lefty, and has outstanding control. Wells had a 4.45 era last year with Boston. However, those numbers may be a bit deceiving. The AL East is rittled with hitters parks which would hurt his era, and would also put a dent into his innings pitched. In addition, Wells had a 3.93 era after the all-star break which shows that he stills has something left in the tank. He also wouldn't have to verse turf in the NL, a place where he had a 6.23 era in 6 games. He could be a solid guy for the end of our rotation, however he would not be the impact pitcher that the rotation needs. My gut feeling is that at least one of those three pitchers will be with us by the end of Spring Training.


Anonymous Damonbok said...

Doesnt it seem weird that Minaya would pull the trigger onthe Benson deal if one of the options wasn't a done deal?
If the Zito thing doesnt happen in the next day or so I'll be really mystified. I'd rather have Wells or Weaver for one year than overpay for Zito right now. I think we need to keep milledge and Heilman. If Heilman goes to get Zito we will still be short a decent starter.

1/23/2006 10:00 PM

Blogger Jordan Brickman said...

Congrats on getting "True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange's" first comment. But I digress, I too was expecting a deal to be made by at least Tuesday, there is of course still hope. If I could see into the future and see that the Mets will wind up signing Zito then I would be against trading for him, however if I see him signing with say the Yankees if the Mets don't get him then I trade for him. It appears unlikely that Minaya will part with Milledge, and I'm hoping he doesn't. As far as Heilman goes, lets hypothetically say the following: The Mets wind up trading Maine, Heilman, Diaz, and some mid-level prospect for Zito, and they wind up re-signing him for X amount of years. Then the Mets rotation would become Pedro, Zito, Glavine, Zambrano, Trachsel. This means that we effectivley traded (from our pitching staff) Benson for Zito and Heilman for Julio. This means we downgraded in the bullpen (Julio for Heilman), and upgraded in the rotation, drastically. Now, Julio's downgrade is not as steep a price to pay as the upgrade of Zito. Zito provides the Mets with a young arm, in which the Mets can build a rotation around. Julio, on the other hand, gives the Mets a power pitcher, and it's not like he would be the main set-up man. Sanchez, right now is the main set-up man, and we also cannot forget about juan padilla, who may be able to win the set-up role if he continues to pitch as he did last year. Therefore, I think giving up Heilman in a Zito deal is more forgiveable then giving up Milledge.

1/23/2006 10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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