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Monday, January 30, 2006

Rotoworld ranks the Mets top 10 prospects

Rotoworld's Matthew Pouliot has written his opinion on the Met's top 10 prospects.
This is the first list I have seen after the Benson trade. Here's his list, and whether or not agree with him or not:
1) Lastings Milledge- Milledge is obviously the Mets best prospect, and for those of you who haven't seen one of the million scouting reports on him rotoworld says
Offensively, he should keep hitting for average and continue to develop more power. He may swing and miss a bit too frequently to bat .300 annually in the majors, but .290 is a reasonable expectation and he’ll be good for 20 homers per year once he settles in. Since he also has 30-steal ability, he’s as good of a fantasy prospect as there is in the NL.
2) Mike Pelfrey- Despite not pitching in the majors yet Pelfrey is easily the Mets second best prospect.
3) Phillip Humber- Due to Humber's injury this season I see this ranking as a bit high. Many scouts question whether Humber will come back strong, some sites have gone as far as taking Humber out of the top 4. There is no question his potential is up there with the best of them, but right now I'd say his value is a bit low.
4) Carlos Gomez- I'd put Gomez in Humber's spot, but he is still very raw and was discovered this year. I have a feeling that he will emerge as a major prospect this season.
5) Brian Bannister- I agree with this. His ranking is probably where he will be in the starting rotation. He'll most likely be a fifth starter or maybe a fourth starter. Due to the Met's weak farm I'd agree with this slot.
6) Alay Soler- I agree with this, but I think that Soler will ultimatley be better than Bannister. As far as scouting reports go for Soler, I've heard a wide range of potential futures. I've seen people say that he is a third starter, a fourth starter, a fifth starter, a set-up man, and lastly, a closer. It's tough to say because he's never pitched in pro ball. I'm a bit hesitant to even call him a prospect because of his age (26), but since he hasn't pitched yet I'll let this one slide.
7) Anderson Hernandez- I'd say he's relativley close with this ranking. However, I think Hernandez will be a better hitter then Soler and Bannister will be pitchers.
8) John Maine- From what I've heard about Maine is that he was once considered a number three starer, but is now considered a back-end of the rotation pitcher. Rotoworld calls him a "decent" prospect. Maine is on the verge of not being a prospect anymore, and I think that this year he will be a bit worse than Juan Padilla of 2005.
9) Fernando Martinez- A lot of people don't know much about Martinez. Most fans know that he was signed for a large contract out of the Dominican Republic, and that's about the extent of information they know about him. I've heard a couple of varying reports on him. I've seen him labeled as the next Ted Williams, and then I've seen him as a rightfielder, and I've also seen him as "better than Miguel Cabrera." As far as his ranking goes, I can agree with this placement based on the fact that he won't play a game of pro ball until 2007.
10) Jeff Keppinger- To me I don't even see Keppinger as a prospect anymore. He's 25, and will turn 26 in April. He's already spent an extended amount of time in the majors, and could of been the Met's second baseman down the stretch last year if it wasn't for a broken leg restricting him. I'd have to put Evan MacLane in this slot. I don't know much about MacLane besides the fact that he has the "best changeup" in the Mets system and is left handed.
Overall: It's a solid list and if you wish to learn more about the Mets system it's a must read.
Note: The information that I have mentioned is from various different websites, and scouts.


Blogger john said...

good post man... where do you get all of this info? just other fansites??? i guess i should make the drive up to st lucie this year... anyways, just wondering your take on the piazza to the padres thing... i am personaly disappointed, but what can you do, right...

1/30/2006 6:44 PM

Blogger Jordan Brickman said...

I get my information from a mixture of Jordan Zakarin (flushingsfuture which I believe is now done, at least it is for the time being) Baseball America, gotham Baseball, various posts from fans on message boards that I trust, and I also have a friend with connections to a few scouts. As for Piazza, I'll write a little blurb about that tommorow. Thanks for ths post and keep reading the site!!!

1/30/2006 10:28 PM

Blogger Jordan Brickman said...

Just a side note, I just read on metsblog that flushingsfuture is down because Zakarin is retooling the site, so I guess it'll still be running once the season starts.

1/30/2006 10:31 PM


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