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Saturday, January 28, 2006

News and notes

Since I didn't have one substantial piece of news to write about today I will just list the happenings from the day:
1) Pedro says a few things:
a) He's healthy.
b) He's still waiting for his custom-made shoe to come in.
c) His custom-made shoe will be worn for the rest of his career
d) His toe injury originated in 2004 and was re-aggravated in June of last year.
e) He thinks that A-Rod will be ostracized by the Domincian Republic for playing with U.S.A, fireworks anyone?
2) Mike Piazza is heavily favored to sign with the Padres.
3) The WBC announced the rules for the games.
4) Jose Reyes will reportedly play on the Dominican Republic team in the WBC, a position that Reyes has been begging manager Manny Acta for, for quite some time.
5) The Mets held a blood-drive today at Shea Stadium. effectivley ending the 2006 caravan.


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