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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Matsui to be traded? Contreras back to the Big Apple?

The New York Post today reported that the Mets still have two goals left on their mind. The first goal is to try and trade Kazuo Matsui. Matsui has been on the block for God knows how long but it seems like he can't draw any interest, and I'm sure that because of his contract the Mets are a bit restricted with some deals. The Mets would be willing to pay up to 5 million from his contract, Matsui is in his walk year. The other Mets news is interesting. Jose Contreras had a career year last year, pitching to a 3.61 era including a 2.91 era after the all-star break. Minaya is looking for a number two starter and he believes that Contreras is the answer.

There are two problems in my mind with Contreras. First, he is in his walk year and if the Mets wish to extend his contract then it will certainly be a large figure. He is already making 8.5 million a season and the number would increase but at least a few mill for an extension. Secondly, the Mets would have to part with one of their best young players. The Post suggests that Milledge's name was discussed, Joel Sherman also suggests that a package of prospects to go along with Cliff Floyd could get the deal done. I really like Floyd, his attitude, his presence, his versatillity, and his friendship with David Wright which are all of relative importance to the club. I'd rather not give up Floyd, especially for someone who has only had one good season, it was more like a good half a season, including the playoffs. As for Matsui, this doesn't surprise me the only problem is that I don't think that Matsui has any value and if he's traded it's basically useless, because he won't bring much back. Then again even Vance Wilson brought back Anderson Hernandez.


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