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Friday, June 15, 2007

Interview: Frank Isola's Take On the Knicks

I recently had a chance to exchange e-mails with Daily News writer, Frank Isola. sola is entering his 11th season as the Knicks beat writer for the News. He is also a regular analyst on NBA TV and is the co-host of the NBA Radio show "Tip Off" which can be heard daily on Sirius. Isola also writes for his own blog, Knicks Knation.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: When the season ended how different was the mood this season as opposed to last season?

Frank Isola: The team and the organization are upbeat but the Knicks have a long way to go before they can be taken seriously. They won just 33 games in a bad Eastern Conference. I don't know why you would be upbeat considering that the franchise has not won a playoff game since 2001.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: It seems unclear what exactly Isiah is looking to do in the off-season. Sometimes he seems to be hinting a big trade could be in the works, and other times it seems like he doesn't want to touch the roster. What kind of sense have you gotten from Isiah on what he is going to do in the off-season?

Frank Isola:I think Isiah is always looking for the big splashy move, which isn't always a good thing. The Knicks need a power forward and that's where he should be looking. They also have to start thinking about Marbury's eventual replacement.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Besides the obvious big name rumors (Kobe, Jermaine, etc.) have you heard rumors about any smaller, role, players?

Frank Isola: Ruben Patterson may be a guy that they will look at. But if you look at the Knicks roster it is already filled with role players. They don't have a star which is why they won 33 games.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Marbury seems to believe the Knicks should draft a shooter, do you agree,and do you feel Isiah agrees?

Frank Isola:I wonder how Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson feel about that. The 23rd pick isn't going to help the Knicks right away so I don't think it matters who they take.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Which injury during the season do you think broke the Knicks spirit?

Frank Isola:I'm not sure. But if injuries to role players (Crawford and Lee) break a team's spirit then you have major problems. Yao Ming missed 33 games and Houston still won 52. So I'm one of the people who isn't going to give the Knicks excuses for a bad season.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: You see Francis wearing a Knicks uniform next year?
Frank Isola: Not a chance in hell.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: As the team is currently assembled, assuming everyone is healthy next year, do you think Collins has a rotation spot?
Frank Isola: No. He's got a chance to be a good player but offensively he has a long way to go.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange:The Knicks dealt Ariza for Francis last year, and then drafted a similar player in Balkman. Do you think in five years Balkman will be better or worse than Ariza?

Frank Isola:They will be both be athletic wing players who are limited offensively. Ariza is ahead of Balkman right now because Orlando made the playoffs.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Why do you think Frye slumped this year? Was it partially because of Isiah Thomas

Frank Isola:That's a good question. Channing never look happy. I think he would rather play in the West. Maybe the Knicks had a short leash. Whatever the reason, Channing seemed to lose confidence in his shot.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: With Phil Ford leaving do you think Pat Ewing will be hired as a coach?
Frank Isola:No It's sad because Isiah deserves to be working for the Pistons just as much as Patrick deserves to work for the Knicks.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Do you think Charles Oakley and John Starks' numbers should be retired?

Frank Isola:Oakley maybe. John no.

True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Lastly, it's time to look deep into the future. Judging by how the team played this year, and what you for see in the future do you think championship could be coming to New York within the next 5-10 years?

Frank Isola: You could make a case that every team in the league believes it can win the title within the next 10 years. The Knicks need to find an impact player. Maybe Curry could be that guy. Having LeBron and Wade in the East doesn't help matters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't sound promising, eh? What a waste of cash we are. Wish we could blow it all up, have a fire sale and start again.

6/15/2007 6:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isiah's trades have mortgaged our future. We'll never land a star and building the franchise around Eddy Curry, quite possibly the worst defensive center in the NBA, is a path to nowhere.

6/15/2007 7:48 PM


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