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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mets surprisingly option Burgos

Jorge Sosa will make his first start this season. Sosa pitched in AAA in April and was extremely dominant. In his five starts Sosa went 4-0 with a 1.13 era and an incredible 29:4 (7.25:1) strikeout to walk rate in 32 innings. Sosa's control has been one of his biggest problems during his career with the Devil Rays and Braves. Last season with the Braves he went 3-11 with a 5.42 era and a 75:40 (1.9:1) strikeout to walk ratio, significantly worse than what he has done at AAA thus far. Hopefully he can keep his control in check and let his very good stuff dominate the Arizona hitters.

With Sosa getting the call from AAA the Mets are forced to make a roster change for tonight's game against the Diamondbacks. Lino Urdaneta, a 27 year old rookie, was promoted earlier in the week for Chan Ho Park, seemingly in case the Mets needed an extra arm. Most anticipated Urdaneta to be demoted once Jorge Sosa's turn in the rotation came again. However, in a surprising twist the Mets demoted Ambiorix Burgos, a 23 year old fireballer, who had a 4.11 era in his 15.1 innings this year. Although 4.11 is not good, it certainly doesn't deserve a demotion when the replacement is a 27 year old rookie. Not to mention the fact that Urdaneta has a career era of infinite. That's right, in his only career appearance in the majors Urdaneta did not record an out and allowed six runs. What's more is that Urdaneta had a poor 5.84 era in AAA this year in 12.1 innings.

Personally I am very puzzled by the move. Burgos had a lower major league era than Urdaneta had at AAA, by far. Plus, Burgos actually has a promising future if he can get a handle on his secondary pitches and his control. Urdaneta, on the other hand, pitched in only 11 games all of last season in the minors mixed between the GCL and AA. Hopefully I am wrong with what Urdaneta can offer the Mets, but I'd be very surprised if he could add anything Burgos couldn't.


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