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Friday, February 09, 2007

Chan Ho Park Signed By Mets

Omar Minaya continued his search for a diamond in the rough on Friday when he signed veteran pitcher Chan Ho Park. Park a one point won 18 games with the LA Dodgers during a stretch where Park have five of six seasons with the Dodgers where he recorded an era well under four. However, that Chan Ho Park has drastically changed from the one the Mets signed. After he left the Dodgers 2001 Park never pitched well again. He averaged a 5.86 era with a 1.63 WHIP since 2001. Not the best numbers, especially considering two of his years were pitched at Petco Park, one of the best pitchers parks in baseball. In fact, in only 136.2 innings pitched this year Park allowed an outrageous 20 home runs. In addition, 12 of the 20 home runs were in Petco, so don't expect Shea to help him too much. On the bright side Park did have a very good K:B ratio of 2.1:1. Park has always had erratic control, so perhaps Peterson can tinker with Park and have him return to his old form with the Dodgers. Or perhaps reuniting with Paul LoDuca will do the trick. With all of the poor numbers you ca throw out about Park he still signed for a very low amount of money, and could have quite the large upside if he can pitch anywhere close to his Dodger form. Although, I don't see much chance of that happening.


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