he True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Moment Number Five: Mets Win Division After Long Draughth

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Moment Number Five: Mets Win Division After Long Draught

September 15th the Mets headed to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to play the Pirates in a three game series. The Pirates, the fourth worst team (based on record) in baseball, had already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and all the Mets needed was a Philadelphia loss or a victory to officially advance to the postseason. As fate would have it the Phillies won all three games that weekend over their opponents, the Houston Astros. The Mets preceded to lose three straight games to three young lefty starters (the Mets nemesis all second half) leaving the magic number at one for the Mets next game. At Shea.

Shea Stadium was rocking on September 18th. In a game that was a microcosm of the entire season the Mets pulled out a victory over the Florida Marlins. With unlikely heroes Steve Trachsel and Jose Valentin getting standing ovations and curtain calls, respectively, in the same game the Mets could officially put a fork in the Braves, and the rest of the NL East.

Following the 4-0 victory the Mets seemingly partied all night, except for Pedro of course. The long awaited victory and celebration was a culmination of all of the hard losses, blood, sweat, tears, and poor roster moves for the Mets organization compiled into one big party. The Mets fans spent their night drinking, partying, and trash talking to every Braves and Yankee fan they knew. It certainly was a terrific night to be a Mets fan.


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