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Monday, January 01, 2007

Moment Number Nine: Larry Brown Fired, Isiah Hired

After becoming the Knicks coach in July of 2005 Larry Brown was fired at the end of a dismal 2005-2006 season. Someone who was once the Knicks savior was suddenly being blamed for all 59 loses, and nearly all of the Knicks problems. Brown, who was hired to a massive contract spanning five seasons. However, Madison Square Garden President James Dolan and General Manager Isiah Thomas had become fed up with how Larry Brown aired the team's dirty laundry throughout the media. As a result of the turmoil in New York between Brown and his players, as well as the dreadful season he had just lived through Brown was fired by the Knicks.

However, with four years left on his contract there would certainly be controversy over how much Brown should be paid. After a long hearing between Isiah, Brown, and commissioner David Stern it was determind Brown would not make the full amount he was due on his contract. Reportedly Brown breeched part of his contract when he aired the Knicks' dirty laundry to the New York media.

Once Brown was out Isiah Thomas took over as the head coach, putting him in place of the team he constructed. So far through 33 games this season Isiah Thomas has put together one more W than Brown did through 33 games the year before. However, there are four differences between this season and last.

  1. The wins the Knicks have put together are solid victories, that follow a game plan. As opposed to last season when wins came because the Knicks quite frankly, got lucky.

  2. The Knicks have had to deal with a brawl that suspended four players, while already dealing with two injuries. Isiah has been able to not only work through the brawl but be a better team because of it.

  3. Seemingly every player is happy with their roles on the team, and nobody has complained, yet.

  4. The Knicks have played significantly more games through January 1st than the 2005-2006 Knicks played, therefore the Knicks will have stronger legs as the season wears on.

Not only have the Knicks played better, but Eddy Curry has shown signifcant improvement, David Lee has cemented himself as one the best rebounders in the league, and Stephon Marbury has recently returned to his old form. Things are certainly looking up, but the Knicks still have not shown "signifcant improvement" in their record, so hopefully what is paradise in the clubhouse becomes paradise on the court.


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