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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mets Demote One Prospect For Another

In yesterday's loss to the Brewers Mike Pelfrey was victim to poor pitching, and poor defense. In the fourth inning Pelfrey did not get to first base quick enough on a groundball hit to second base. The out would have been the second of the inning. Later in the inning on a pop fly to shallow left field the Mets failed to correctly execute the pickle quickly enough, and a shallow sack fly turned into a two run out. Had Pelfrey gotten to first base earlier in the inning the sacrifice fly would have been the third out, keeping the score at 2-0 after four innings, as opposed to 4-0. Pelfrey finished the day allowed four earned runs over five innings, while allowing eight hits. Pelfrey has been hit pretty hard this season, and as a result his next start will be with New Orleans. On Sunday the Mets announced that Pelfrey would be demoted back to AAA. The Zephyr getting the promotion? Top prospect Carlos Gomez.

With Pelfrey's poor pitching, and left fielder Moises Alou's aching legs, the Mets called on Carlos Gomez to play outfield. Gomez, ranked as the 60th best prospect overall by Baseball America before the season, will be playing right field and batting eighth in his first game on Sunday. Gomez is known as a very toolsy player. His lightning quick speed has caused controversy as to which Met player is faster, Gomez or Reyes. Last season Gomez stole 41 bases in only 50 attempts at AA, and thus far this season at AAA Gomez has 17 steals in 21 attempts. Gomez's rocket arm impressed even Endy Chavez, who has quite the strong arm of his own. The 21 year old has hit .286 thus far at AAA this season with a .363 on base percentage.

Sunday afternoon's game features an outfield of Endy Chavez, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos Gomez from left to right, one of the rangiest outfields you will see at a major league game.


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