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Monday, May 28, 2007

Mets: Beat the Braves, too

The Braves have played great thus far this season, so a 4.5 game Met lead over them is pretty impressive. So far as a Met fan you should be content with how the Mets have played, although we know that the whole team hasn't clicked yet, the longest win streak is only four games. With Mota, Sanchez, Valentin, Alou, and Pedro all expected to return at various points in the season the best days are still in front of the Mets. However, if there is one thing the Mets haven't been able to do is beat the Braves head-to-head.

If the Mets have the lead in the standings then that is the main thing, but thus far this year the Mets have lost three rubber games to the Braves, and hold a record of 3-6 against Atlanta. If the Mets want to once again proclaim their fullout dominance on the NL they'll need to start beating Atlanta. Last year the Mets had a record of .500 or better against 12 of the 14 NL team. The lone losing record? The Pirates. The Pirates success against the Mets was pretty obviously an aberration, but the Mets have to prove that the Braves success is also an aberration. The Mets can't afford to let the Braves have a mental effect on them, not only for this year but for years to come. The Mets don't see Atlanta again until August. By then both teams figure to have very different rosters, whether it be because of trades or injuries. Hopefully the Mets can turn the table, and build their own mental advantage over the Mets.


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