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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Game Preview: Glavine goes for fourth win

Last year Tom Glavine was dominant in his one start against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In seven innnings Glavine allowed merely one run and gave a free pass to only one batter. Glavine, who is 3-2 with a 2.29 era, is looking to have similar success as the Mets go for a two game sweep against the struggling Pirates.
1) Last night Jose Hernandez had the biggest hit for the Pirates, a game tying rbi single off of Billy Wagner in the ninth, however he probably won't have as much luck against Glavine tonight. In 37 at bats Hernandez only has seven hits, good for a .189.
2) Left handed hitter, and former Met bust, Jeremy Burnitz, is 6-31(.194) in his career against Glavine.
3) Jack Wilson has been off to as good of a start since 2004, when he had over 200 hits, however he may not get another hit against the 41 year old Glavine. In 14 at bats the shortstop has only three hits.
4) Craig Wilson has the least success against Glavine of all Pirates. In 12 at bats Wilson has an un-impressive one hit.

5) Jason Bay is the main Pittsburgh threat on any night, but especially tonight. Bay has been very succesful against Glavine, in eight at bats the former Met has three hits, including a home run.
6) Paul Maholm has never faced the Mets in his career,
7) In Pirate's starter, Paul Maholm's last start he had his most succesful outing of his career. In seven innings Maholm allowed merely one run over seven innings against the Phillies.
8) Glavine is tied for 20th in baseball in strikeouts with 31.
9) Tom Glavine is one out behind Pedro Martinez for 19th in baseball in innings pitched with 39.1.
10) Duaner Sanchez has yet to allow a run this season in 18 innings.

Score Prediction:
Mets 8 Pirates 4
WP- Tom Glavine
LP- Mike Stanton
H- Aaron Heilman
SV- no save

Game Play Prediction:
1) Jose Reyes will lead off the game by getting on base.
2) The Mets will have a three run inning.
3) Glavine will look either very bad or very good in his first few innings but then reverse as the start goes on.
4) The game will be close until the seventh.
5) Tom Glavine records two hits.


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