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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Amazin' game ends in Wright way

Game Overview:
Starter: Steve Trachsel is struggling a bit, at least against the Braves he is. In his last two starts Trachsel has pitched 9.2 innings, and he has allowed 10 runs, which is a bit over a nine era. Last night the 35 year old pitched six innings and allowed four runs on nine hits. However, Trachsel couldn't blame the umpire, as he only walked one batter. Trachsel has been known as the model for consistency, however so far this season Trachsel's runs allowed have gone 1,4,2,1,6, and 4. It seems he has been up down up down all season, and that should be good news for his next start against the Phillies. Hopefully Trachsel can turn around his recent struggles, as the start will be a big one, especially with the current six game win streak of the Phillies.
Bullpen:Let's see where to start. Of the six relief pitchers who pitched for the Mets last night the first one to pitch was the worst. Chad Bradford record only two outs in the seventh inning, after allowing three hits and a walk two runs scored giving the Braves a 6-2 lead, at the time. Pedro Feliciano came in to end the seventh as the second reliever used in the game. Feliciano retired the one batter he faced with ease, something he has done quite often this season. Next inning it was Aaron Heilman's turn. Through his two innings of work Heilman only one hitter reached base via hit, and no runs scored. Heilman has been amazing thus far this season next to Sanchez in the set-up role, he now has a 2.04 era. After Heilman it was Wagner's turn, and Wagner's outing was easily the most dissapointing one of the night. Wagner's first inning of work (the tenth) was a breeze retiring the first three batters he faced. However, the eleventh inning was the inning to be worried about. Wagner gave up a pinch hit home run to SS/3b Wilson Betimit, giving the Braves a 7-6 lead. Wagner then preceded to give up a single to Marcus Giles, and eventually intetionally walk Jones before getting out of the inning. A few things to worry about and not to worry about with Wagner. First, don't get too worked up over the home run because it was Wagner's second inning of work which is something that he will not have to do often this season. However, he obviously will need to pitch two innings again this season, but the first inning he pitches is much more important, and Wagner was perfect in his first inning of work. Also, when Wagner signed his former manager, Larry Bowa, was interviewed and he said that Wagner's fastball loses some MPH in his second inning of work, however Wagner threw 96 mph in his second inning so that is not a big worry. Something that does scare me about Wagner now is the fact that his two set-up men (Heilman and Sanchez) have lower era's then him, and during Wagner's post game interviews for games when he blows a save or a lead he appears to have confidence in the pitches that go over the wall. Which either shows me that the hitters are getting better, Wagner is not as good as he thought he was, or the finger injury is bothering him and he wants to make it seem like he is fine. Anyway, back to the other relievers. Duaner Sanchez followed Wagner continuing his awe-inspiring scoreless streak, throwing two innings. Jorge Julio pitched the 14th succesfully, striking out Andruw Jones and allowing no balls to be hit out of the infield in the air. A great sign for a pitcher who is prone to the long ball.
Offense: Now it's the offenses turn. Jose Reyes had an outstanding game, going 5-7 with a triple and scoring two runs. Reyes raised his average nearly 20 points in the game, and his left handed swing is looking much better, as he is stepping less in the "bucket". Reyes was the third Met in as many days to have at least four hits in a game. Endy Chavez and David Wright were the first two, respectivley. Beltran also had a notable game, hitting a first inning home run, Beltran had two rbi's, three runs scored, and two walks in the game. Beltran is now hitting .266 on the season, however his OBP is an outstanding .417. David Wright is officially out of his slump, and he has done a 360 degree turn from cold to hot. Wright now has seven hits over his last two games, and he had arguablly the biggest hit last night. In the 14th, with Beltran on second, Wright hit a double (scored as single, but I consider a groundrule double since it bounced over the wall) to win the game, finishing off hit 3-5 day. Wright also walked three times in the game. Cliff Floyd had a very interesting game. Floyd left an outlandish 10 runners on base, however all of his sins were forgotten. In the seventh inning he had a two out rbi single to continue to four run inning. And of course he also had the monstrous rocket home run in the 11th inning, to bail Wagner out. Floyd finished 2-6 with a walk, and he raised his average to .194. Hopefully he is coming out of his season long slump. Nady went 0-4, despite drawing three of the 13 Met walks. Kazuo Matsui didn't have the best game according to the box score, but he did play a splendid game. Matsui made a tremendous tag to catch Jeff Franceour in the 3rd inning. Matsui also had an rbi single, to go along with his two perfect sacrifice bunts.


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