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Monday, July 17, 2006

What should the Mets do come deadline time?

Rumors are swirling around the Mets about possible trades that may occur, but are any of the players right for the Mets? Pitchers like Freddy Garcia, Javier Vazquez, Rodrigo Lopez, Kris Benson, Livan Hernandez and of course Barry Zito and hitters like Alfonso Soriano, Julio Lugo, and Bobby Abreu have all been rumored to come to the Mets. However, from the names on that list does it make sense to pay the cost to get them, and will they improve the Mets enough to even warrant a deal? Well, lets find out.

Freddy Garcia- I watched parts of the Yankee game yesterday mainly because Garcia was pitching, and frankly I was not impressed. His two best pitches are his fastball and his hard slider, but his fastball has lost significant velocity this season. Normally known to be able to get his fastball up around the mid 90's, but most of the season it has been hovering around 90-92 or so, which would partially explain the higher era and home run total. Garcia has always allowed a lot of home runs (26 last year and 22 this year) which will be helped a bit by pitching at Shea, and in the National League, but it still is an alarming number that puts him in on pace to give up about 40 home runs. Garcia is a work horse which may be the reason for the decling velocity, but he is still on pace for his sixh straight 200 inning season. Garcia was offered to the Mets for Sanchez and Pelfrey which means the White Sox are asking for way to much for him. Personally I would not give up either guys (Pelfrey can't be traded anyway) for Garcia in a one for one deal, but I would deal Heilman. If the deal is Heilman for Garcia or something not including a top prospect or Sanchez then Garcia may be right.
Javier Vazquez- My answer to this is much easier. Vazquez basically said he did not want to leave Chicago, so in that case I don't want him on the Mets.
Rodrigo Lopez- The talented Lopez has had been very inconnsistent with his seasons, one good season one bad, however he is on pace for two straight dreadful years. Leo Mazzone has seemingly made Lopez worse, which is not a feat many can say, except maybe Jason Schmidt but even he was a youngster and not totally developed when with the Braves. Lopez, like Garcia, allows a lot of home runs, which will be aided by Shea. The 29 year old allows a ton of hits, which leads to a career WHIP of 1.40. However, Lopez's value is very low and I would definitley consider trading for him if the Mets have to give a low level prospect. Buster Olney thinks a B or C prospect could net him, and that Lopez may be a Met as early as Friday. Lets also remember who te Baltimore GM is and maybe he'll take Zambrano off of our hands.
Kris Benson- Lopez's teammate, and former Met Kris Benson may be coming back to the Mets. We all know the Benson story, and personally I would welcome him back but under the terms that his wife is not allowed to speak with the media or Benson's contract will be penalized a small amount. In the unlikelyhood that that happens I would not like to see Benson a Met again.
Livan Hernandez- The ultimate workforce is Livan Hernandez. He has been dreaful this year, pitching to an outlandish 1.65 WHIP. However, many believe that his struggles have been because of his right knee which is still recovering from surgery. Baseball Prospectus said pre-season that Livan's knee should be good by Spring Training, which means that if it is healed by now it may never be. Livan's strikeout rates have also declined tremendously from 2004 to 2005 he struck out 39 less batters, and he is on pace to strikeout about 20 less batters than he did in 2005. Livan's knee has plagued him for most of his career, and if his knee ever does heal completely he will probably be throwing harder and better then ever before, but who knows if his knee will ever heal completely. However, with all of that said Jim Bowden reportedly asked for Lastings Milledge for Livan, Omar hopefully hung up. Since starters on the market are spare at best it will be hard to get him, so hopefully Omar stays away from overpaying.
Barry Zito- Lastings Milledge? Even though Milledge struggled in his 80 something at bats in the majors he is still a top notch prospect that I would not deal for Zito. Could Heilman and some prospects net him? Almost definitley not. The A's are not confident in Rich Harden staying healthy since he has been on the DL twice this year, and Zito is the only veteran presence in the team's rotation save Loaiza. I don't see Zito being traded and I don't see him as a Met until the offseason, if then.
Bobby Abreu and Alfonso Soriano- It's the same case for both of them. Why do we need them? Our offense is the best in the NL, and trading for Abreu or Soriano will only boost our rivals and our payroll. Trading for Abreu or Soriano will also bench a player that does not deserve to be benched which could disrupt the bubbly Mets clubhouse. Therefore, I don't think Abreu or Soriano are necessary.
Julio Lugo- Julio Lugo would be a nice pickup, no doubt, but like Abreu and Soriano he is not necessary. Lugo is hitting .310 with 16 steals in 63 games thus far in 2006, and his defense is steady but he will not be cheap. Aaron Heilman's name has been mentioned, but is it really worth giving up a key set-up man if you are not getting a starter back in return? I don't think it is, especially with the way Valentin is hitting and playing defensivley. If the Mets had no clear cut second baseman right now I would possibly consider Lugo, but even then the Mets' linup would still be amongst the best, so I don't see a need for Lugo.


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