he True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Mets sign former Met greath

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mets sign former Met great

Edgardo Alfonzo was on the Mets NL Pennant winning 2000 team, and he is now back with the team. After starting last year for the Giants, getting traded to the Angels in the offseason, getting released by the Angels and signed by the Blue Jays mid-season, he was finally released by the Jays and now back with his former team. The 32 year old is clearly declining, but Minaya is hoping that returning to NY could possibly rekindle the fire in Edgardo. Alfonzo will start in AAA Norfolk, and assuming a player goes down that Alfonzo is probably the firs utillity man promoted. Personally, I am puzzled buy this signing since Jeff Keppinger is a better hitter, and knows just as many positions. Nevertheless, Alfonzo is now the only Me remaining from the 2000 team.


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